Monday, February 9, 2009

Mistake #23 The Chameleon Effect by CSL

CSL, here, once again. And once again, this is not just something that girls do, but guys do it to.

My husband once asked out a girl that he was impressed by. She seemed wholesome enough. She attended all of her church meetings, never cursed and was quite pleasant to be around. He picked her up, on time, and he experienced the Chameleon Effect.

No longer did this girl present herself as wholesome. She walked out of her bedroom in a tank top that with a neckline that would be referred to as 'plunging' by even the most liberal critic. Her outfit, from head to toe, was designed to show off her assets, to put it kindly. The date didn't last for long.

This example isn't the only way that the Chameleon Effect presents itself. It is the diagnosis of every lie that we may tell about ourselves to attract the opposite sex.

Wipe the shocked look off your face. Yes, I just called all of you liars.

From the girl who pretends that she loves watching pro wrestling in order to snag some time with her crush, to the guy who suffers through the latest Matthew McConaghey/Kate Hudson romantic comedy in order to get some cuddle action, we all have done it at some point in our lives. (How was that for a run-on sentence, all you English majors out there?)

Now, I suppose you're all expecting me to get all Relief Society-ish and start lecturing you on your Divine Nature and how you shouldn't try to be someone you're not, because we are all children of our Heavenly Father. Save it for church.

Don't lure a guy (or girl) to your apartment, pretending to need his/her help with the lastest roommate problem and then try to force a make out session with him/her. (Yeah, I had a roommate do this once. She even licked his face. Goo.)

If your crush isn't trying to spend time with you outside of your time together watching pro wrestling, give it up. That TV time isn't time with you. Its time to watch pro wrestling and hopefully get a free dinner out of it.

Don't present yourself as a Molly if most of your wardrobe looks like something out of a Victoria's Secret Magazine. Don't pretend to be a Peter if your dating success is determined by how many hickies you collected.

And the converse is true. If you are a Molly, be a Molly. If you're a Peter, be a Peter.

*Disclaimer: Yeah, these are the extremes. I know. Not everyone who isn't a Molly is automatically a 'mistress of the night.' But the Chameleon Effect happens on many different levels. Take a look at your dating life and try to find your Chameleon tendencies before you attack me.*


  1. That's awesome. Re: run on sentence, it wasn't too bad actually. You had commas in all the right places and things to break it up. The parenthesis on the other hand... But I'll let it go.

  2. Woody Allen's movie Zelig features a man who epitomizes this concept.

  3. Where can I find some of these chameleons? They sound exciting!

  4. I find it interesting that CSL in her fist post recommended lying to avoid the creeper, but in this one extols the importance of honesty. But I concur, don't be something your not. It's one thing to do something your not that into because you're digging someone, and they want to do that, It's another to pretended it's your favorite thing.

  5. Umm...CSL never recommended lying to avoid the creeper. That was another one of the authors.

  6. I'm with Mark? How do I get lured to an apartment, and end up making out?? ...Just curious.

  7. Wait a second . . . let me get this straight. Your husband took a girl home early because she was hot and was flaunting it a little??? I've got sad news for you: your husband is gay.

    P.S. What's this girl's number?

  8. Or perhaps, her husband isn't a pervert. Just because a guy doesn't want to take a girl out who is willing to flaunt her charms qualifies him as gay?

    NDL, I feel bad for your mother. If she was treated by your father the way you've shown you would treat a girl, she must have a miserable marriage and life.

  9. Trust me. Not gay. Very much not gay.

  10. i'm glad you defend your husband on the internet... WAY TO GO!!! Real winner! both of you!

  11. Your use of the woed Goo was amazing and almost brought me to tears.

  12. I have to agree with this one... she's right...umm... i've witnessed it too many times in my own life both spawning from me and spawning from my date. it does mix up the monotony of life but... don't do it to 'flaunt your assets'