Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mistake #10 My Politics Are Not Your Politics

In light of the historic events that are happening today in Washington, D.C., I would like to include comments that might make relationships easier to stomach when political differences arise. Just to clarify, this is meant for single girls and guys alike. No one is at fault, because my intentions are not to justify whether there is a right or wrong party. When getting involved in relationships the age old question will eventually arise: "Who are you voting for and why?" To be quite frank, this can be a very sensitive subject to even bring up, so the utmost maturity should be evoked when tackling this topic. Realizing that your ideals are not necessarily the expressed ideals of your significant other should be considered and respected. Being a good listener and having an open mind is worth it's weight in gold when politics are being discussed. You might even learn a thing or two or even embrace some ideas your partner feels passionately about. Even though we are all under the umbrella "Mormon," it doesn't give us the right to assume that there is a "Mormon" political affiliation. Not all Massachusetts Mormons are Democrat and not all Idaho Mormons are Republican. Outliers are everywhere and a state border will never define every individual. Are you struggling with unresolved issues that stem from previous political arguments? Keep communication lines open and allow these differences to be addressed without the fear of being brushed aside or ridiculed, besides I'm pretty sure that a hostile environment isn't the best way to discuss differences. As this last election obviously displayed, the country was virtually split down the middle when it came to which party everyone voted for, so there is a good chance this will be a reality in your relationship. Also some people are more involved with politics than others, so making a partner feel inadequate about their political knowledge doesn't help anyone. Agreeing to disagree is a much better solution than "going to sleep angry." In a perfect world, yes, having the same values, ideas, and beliefs would ideal, but in the words of Paula Abdul, "Opposites Attract!" Happy Inauguration Day everyone and go find someone to celebrate with!


  1. A Paula Abdul reference, really?
    Good points though.

  2. Who cares about their political preferences if they're cute?! I know I can't be the only one who feels this way... c'mon.