Friday, January 30, 2009

Mistake #17 Facebook Photo Tagging by EQP

(Girls, this is how we feel when you tag the crap out of us...)

The minutes of a girl the day after spending an evening with Prince Charming:

12:13:23 – Facebook photo: click

12:13:31 – Tag this photo: click

12:13:34 – Select a person (herself): click

12:13:41 – Select another person (boy with whom girl’s psychotically obsessed): click

12:13:49 – Done Tagging: click

12:14:03 – Next Facebook photo: click

One half hour later…

12: 37:13 – Facebook photo: click

12: 37:19 – Tag this photo: click

Remember the bit Peter P. wrote about on being too aggressive on Facebook? Well this isn’t quite as obsessively infatuated as relationship status requests, but it still scares the holy underpants off of guys.

We know you’re obsessed with this Prince Charming and would gladly be the Molly to his Peter. But is it necessary to tag yourself and him in every photo the two of you are in!? Hell no!! He doesn’t want each of your 136 mutual friends (and change) to see the two of you tagged in 14 photos on their Newsfeeds. Nor does he want to explain to the three other girls he’s seeing how the two of you aren’t ‘an item.’ Girls, this is called passive-aggressive and it’s a no-no (shame on you). So, next time try tagging just your favorite photo (not photos) from last night’s euphoric evening. If you go any further than that, we can guarantee you that Prince Charming isn’t going to be too happy with you especially if you’ve successfully scared away those other ladies.

Speaking of which, don’t ever tag yourself and your obsession in photos from your first date months after the fact (have some dignity, please). We know what you’re doing. And no, it doesn’t throw us off when your roommate does the tagging for you.


  1. hahaha. I love this so much. Can I just say I have been guilty of this before haha. These posts are so funny cuz half of us are guilty of doing some of these. I dont get why some people are offended by any of this. I think its funny and appreciate someone being honest with us about something so we can actually get somewhere haha.

  2. they're offended because they're in a state of denial. they don't want to look in the mirror and realize "Holy crap... That is me..." it takes so much work to change yourself (believe me... i know) that most people are more comfortable ignoring it or denying it. its the same idea as too why people sin. They see the sin, they recognize the sin, and they ignore, justify, or are just too plain lazy to resist the temptation

  3. I don't think I've ever actually taken a picture with any guy I had a crush on. That said, I still tag every single person in every single photo that I put on facebook!

  4. What is wrong with you three? Facebook tagging is somewhat creepy and weird to begin with, and then you do it after a date with someone you're not actually dating. It's bad enough that you took pictures the whole night. I'm sorry boys, that is ridiculous. Thank heavens for the untagging feature...

  5. but see as lindsay stated if you already do it all the time then it doesn't look creepy its just normal