Friday, January 16, 2009

Mistake #8 The Summer Chickens by EQP

(Those interns got you down again...)

The blog has added another lay employee! Get to know EQP (You know what that stands for...)

Everyone loves the summer: the weather's good, the days are longer, school is out, work is light, and more than anything, love is in the air. That's right girls; the warmer solstice and its surrounding months mean, OMG, summer flings! More importantly, these summer flings bear the potential for something special—the chance this fling evolves into a full-on autumn "fall into love" (with a spring wedding attached). So, ladies, what's the problem you ask? The dreaded summer interns!?

Yeah, that's right. Each spring/summer brings a whole slew of female interns into the urban YSA environs—LA, New York, DC, San Fran, Chi-town. You, the long-term female ward members hate this. You claim your reasoning is because they crowd the chapel and classrooms, but we know the real reason why: you can't stand these interns claim jumping 'your' priesthood holders. It doesn't help any that they're new, attractive, friendly, and fun. You draw up yet another Mason-Dixon Line in hopes of protecting your monopoly on the EQ club. But we're guys! We cross lines women draw for us. This infuriates you. We understand why. You want that summer fling with all its righteous eternal potential!

So, why not stop hating the interns and learn from them. There's a reason we spend our summers with them (and it's not just to hit-it-and-quit-it). We fancy summer interns because they're nice, friendly, fun, and come with few preconceptions (about us). We know you've been in the ward for three years going on four AND you think you know every guy. But that's not a reason to be boring and bitter and stay home to watch Gilmore Girls. Its summer, spice it up a bit! We dig girls that are outgoing, spontaneous, and adventuresome. Try it sometime. After all, didn't it work for you on your last internship? ;)


  1. EQP-Let me were a bug boy! Just a hunch.

    PS- Thanks for adding a little humor to my day. I hope this thing goes global. Let me know if I can help you get this stuff published one day. WE could make millions.

    PPS-Are you single?

  2. Hmmm, maybe the girls aren't hatin' the summer interns because really if they wanted any of the dudes in the ward, they would have gone after them long before. Just a thought......

  3. I might just have to agree with anonymous. Honestly, sometimes Gilmore Girls is the better option. My question is where are all the excellent male interns!?!