Friday, January 23, 2009

Suggestion #4 Accept the Last Minute Date

(Make the right call and you'll be forgetting about that Girl's Night Out tonight)

Okay, we get it. You've got your own little set of "Rules." It's not a secret anymore. Every Cosmo, Elle, Allure, and Vogue magazine blasts their covers with ways girls can get the upper hand in relationships. I would forget these rules and follow the suggestions of the guys who plan on asking you out. You first must understand the guy psyche. We think about women ALL the time. We're always thinking about ways to get a date out of you, but we don't follow rules. Rules are followed when we become desperate. Most guys are never in situations so dire to be desperate. We always have something available or are playing wingman to the 3 to 1 (4 to 1 in the Boston Longfellow wards...) disparity. Guys do not plan dates too far in advance, unless we have Ticketmaster Tickets (I personally think there is a conspiracy here...) to our favorite band or prepping ourselves to propose. So all this "Call before Tuesday night for a Friday Night date or Wednesday for a Saturday night," doesn't fly with us. People are busy during the week and cool opportunities come to us at the spur of the moment or even last minute. We don't think you're easy or desperate, we just think you're the best option. Maybe we already notice you're not busy on Friday nights. Geez, it's not a crime, we're not always busy either. When we call you, don't be coy and make up an excuse like, "Oh I am going to a girl's night sleepover," because girls only like sleepovers when they don't have dates. Don't lie to us saying, "Tonight's not good, maybe another night when I have more of a notice." More notice for what, so you can cancel your pizza order? We don't ask much, we'll take care of the date, you just shave, shower, and put on a clean top. But go ahead, don't take my word for it, follow your "rules". However, don't get mad because we asked out the girl that always get asked out on dates. I'm pretty sure the reason why is because she knows the game and said "yes".

Enjoy your Girls Night!


  1. Best suggestion to date. (no pun intended)

  2. i completely agree. the whole planning ahead thing is for the birds (also no pun intended)

  3. And what's with the "make up a reason to be busy the night he wants to take you out so he thinks you're busy and cool" rule? ie, don't be too available. Well, if being busy is cool, then actually be busy! Don't lie when you know you're just going to sit on the sofa and watch Law and Order: SVU reruns. I don't remember where this rules comes from, but it's from some best selling book and was pretty popular among the Mormon Girls where I was living a while back...

  4. You boys are having a lot of fun here; some of it is at the expense of your fellow quorum members who, whether they agree with you or not, would not spout it in a public forum where it can embarrass and insult.

    For better or worse, Br. Nam's rebuttal spam has given you a nice double-ward advertisement in your own local venue. Perhaps it's time for you to own your words: if you feel this has to be said and you are the ones to say it, then you say it. What makes you think it's appropriate to say it anonymously on the 'Net? Anonymous dispensers of wisdom aren't really demonstrating a lot of conviction.

    For the record, i agree with this post, but then i haven't ever had a woman turn down a date just because the invitation came at the last-minute... Have you ever considered that your misogynistic rants might be inspired by your own private delusions?


  5. That's a lot of bold talk about not speaking anonymously from someone who's speaking anonymously. Why don't you show everyone else how it's done, big man?

  6. Oops, i'm sorry to confuse you. Let me introduce you to a lovely little invention of the 20th century: it's called a hyperlink. The amazing hyperlink leads to other pages related to the word that represents it. All you have to do is click on the hyperlink! It's incredible.

    If you still are having trouble finding the "any key" or worried about contracting the plague from any fleas that might infest the mouse you could use to click the link, let me know and i can give you more help joining the 21st century.

  7. been doing some reading eh?

  8. So as a woman, men, if you want a desirable girl to go out with you and if she frequently goes out on dates, she's naturally gonna be booked. You're gonna have to ask her ahead of time if you are interested. If you don't you'll lose out. SO maybe instead of telling the ladies to accept the last minute dates, why don't you all try and plan ahead just a bit. :) Early bird gets the worm.

  9. Amen to the Anonymous person above me!

  10. Agree totally with No Mercy and Anonymous above.

    Life is busy and I dislike the thought of
    cancelling plans to go on any last minute
    'dates' The earlier the better. After all,
    we've lived our lives without you for this
    long -you should be happy someone's life is
    so full.

  11. Or we could move on to a girl who has no problem with accommodating our somewhat spontaneous natures. There are plenty out there.

  12. if a girl likes you she'll make time for you. otherwise let it go