Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Suggestion #2 Tickets? Yes, Please.

Listen up girls! This is kinda a no-brainer, but a suggestion nevertheless. I was at a Lakers game recently, and the next day this photo was on the a few websites. Granted, I'm sure Jake got Reese the tickets, but since Reese makes bucketloads more than Jake I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and try to make a point in my next suggestion. Get your guy some tix...Stat! I don't care how you get them or even how crappy the seats are, you betta git em gurl! Movies are played out. Concerts, Sporting events, Presidential Inaugurations (if you roll like that, email me before Friday), and Musicals(iffy) are where its at. If you got a crush on one of those socially awkward victims, go ahead and get him Trekkie Convention tickets. It's all good and you'll be all good. Remember how much you liked that new Kotur clutch joint Isla Fisher was wearing at the Golden Globes, well...he just might remember it too.


  1. Nice way to toss in the fact that you were at the Lakers game. :)
    I'm going to read your posts and give you a hard time in my comments because you're a boy(s), so I have to. But I've yet to disagree with anything you have written. You just might change the world, after all.

  2. a what with who at the wear? how about you give ME season tickets! mlb preferably...

  3. Lauren I agree with you totally. This kotur
    shows me how much you really don't know
    Couture is where it's at. My SO is a professional sports personality , and trust
    me - I've had tickets over and over - the
    team gets them free- bet you never sat on
    the bench. Wait, I take that back.

    You are benched. And what's up with the word verification ?

  4. Seriously? More often than not, tickets are ridiculously expensive. With this one demand, you just dropped yourself unceremoniously into the "high-maintenance" category.

    You'll want to check your wallet; I think you just lost your Man Card.