Monday, January 26, 2009

You've Got Problems, I've Got Solutions #1

(Dating a guy who wants you to eat more is probably the least of your worries...)

Hello everyone! I'm hoping you all had a prosperous, date-filled weekend. Thanks for all your comments! However, using "Anonymous" is so mundane. Be creative if you don't want to use your real name. Here's a comment I felt like answering.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog! You guys are great, however I need some advice... I wouldn't call myself overweight but I was not comfortable with my body, so I decided to do something about it. I've been eating really healthy since Thanksgiving and I feel great. I have a hard time though when I'm eating around guys on a date or just in general. Some give me a hard time and I know a lot of guys say they HATE it when girls just pick at a salad when they take them to dinner; but I also know they'd prefer a healthy, fit girl to take to dinner. How exactly do I handle this, especially on dates? I dread when a guy says "Let's go get some ice cream!" Any advice?

Dear Ms. Metamorphosis,

First off congratulations is in order because 60 days have passed since Thanksgiving. I hope you are seeing improvements physically and are starting to gain more confidence about your body. If you're seriously worried that a guy is going to pass unfavorable judgment on you because you are eating a salad, sacrifice the salad for a steak, stupid! Actually, I would be a concerned. Guys who want to fatten you up have the "Hansel & Gretel witch complex" and are called cannibals, and you should run away from Mr. Dahmer immediately. However, if after you have received a clean, thorough psychiatric evaluation of this guy and you still want to make him happy, you can still feel good about eating a decent dinner. Typically a healthy daily caloric amount is 2000 calories. I recommend (I'm not dietitian, so use your own discretion...) having a decent breakfast, because you burn most of your sedentary calories earlier in the day. If you have time, have a 20-30 min cardio break around lunch. At this time you can also eat your salad. Have a couple of small snacks during the afternoon (dried fruit, nuts, yogurt cups) and then you're good for a splurge in the evening. Get 1-2 appetizers instead an entrée, because most restaurant entrées can feed 2 people easily. Just remember to watch your portions and substitute decadent desserts with tasty fruits and sorbet If after this date you feel that you two hit it off, I'm positive you can feel comfortable telling him your situation about a healthier lifestyle. I'm certain he won't be complaining come Spring Break. You keep this up and your body is going to be rockin' girl!



  1. "Ms. Metamorphosis",

    Eat whatever you want. If you want a salad, get a salad, if you want a steak, get a steak. If he's asking you out he's already interested and isn't going to drop you based on what you order. have a little self respect--confidence about who you are is always hot.

    Guys want a girl that is pretty but doesn't wear make up and they want a girl who is thin but doesn't seem to care about her weight. just like girls want a guy who is rugged and manly, but sensitive and a mind reader. we all want the perfect package.

    so order a steak or order a salad and stop trying to be the embodiment of something that's not even realistic. we all need to grow up.

  2. you know what i hate, HATE, most about reading blogs? is when there is MUSIC (and you are already listening to music so instant conflict!) you have to find the little player- usually located at the BOTTOM- and you have to scroll your little mouse wheel a hundred times & your finger gets tired, just to turn it off. bad move, pete, bad move.
    hey metamorphosis- my bf just gave me the "i think you're anorexic" speech. true story. eat whatever the h you want.

  3. Peter, I seriously doubt this girl was looking to you for diet and nutrition advice. She wanted to know how to broach the subject on dates. Totally different.

  4. Peter, hate to break it to you sweetie, but you're SO a girl! Honestly, what guy uses terms like "cardio break," knows an average daily caloric intake, and talks about splurging on dinner? Either you work at 24 Hour Fitness as a personal trainer (and are batting for the other team), or you're a girl working with the other hilarious guys on this blog. On that note, I've been highly entertained this morning. I went out to dinner last night (it was so totes a GNO and I so totally went over my daily caloric intake. Red meat and starchy carbs make me happy) and found out about this little spot in the blogosphere. I've successfully spent a good hour of my day here. Keep it up, guys (and gals).

    Successfully maintaining my weight while enjoying the occasional burger and fries,

    Single in The City of Salt and Happy (and, I'll confess, a member of 24 Hour Fitness)

  5. anyone who knows anything about being physically fit knows that the larger meal
    should be earlier in the day whether you
    are 'dieting' or not.
    I've been to dinner with many males who
    order salads.